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Create, execute and share
conformance tests for FHIR® APIs.

Test FHIR® APIs using a simple but powerful DSL

Inferno Framework provides a flexible testing DSL that is tailored to the typical needs of conformance testing systems. You write the tests, and Inferno will provide web, command line, and JSON APIs for you.
test do
  title 'Server returns requested Patient resource from the Patient read interaction'

  input :patient_id

  run do
    fhir_read(:patient, patient_id, name: :patient)

    assert == patient_id,
          "Requested resource with id #{patient_id}, received resource with id #{}"

A Web UI, Out of the Box

Inferno ships with a web based user interface suitable for local use or deploying as a shared, central service.

Inferno Web UI
Screenshot of Inferno Test Interface

Create, Share, Extend

Inferno Test Kits can be easily shared and extended so you can focus on your unique tests.

        require 'smart_app_launch_test_kit'

module MyTestKit
  class MyTestSuite < Inferno::TestSuite
    group from: :smart_discovery