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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Documentation Resources
  3. Main Inferno Repositories
  4. Inferno Test Kits
  5. Contact the Inferno Team


Inferno is framework for creating, executing, and sharing tests for health IT systems providing standardized FHIR APIs.

Documentation Resources

Main Inferno Repositories

  • Inferno Core - The Inferno ruby library itself. This repository contains the code for defining and running tests, the command line and web interfaces, and this documentation. This is the repository to use if you want to investigate or make changes to the internals of Inferno.
  • Inferno Template - A template for test writers. This is the repository to use if you want to write your own set of tests with Inferno.
  • FHIR Validator Wrapper - A simple web wrapper around the official HL7 FHIR validation library. Inferno relies on this service to validate FHIR resources.

Inferno Test Kits

See available Test Kits

Contact the Inferno Team

The fastest way to reach the Inferno team is via the Inferno Zulip stream. You can also e-mail the team.