Distributing Tests

Inferno allows test kits to be distributed like regular ruby gems. In order to make your test suite available to others, first it needs to be organized as described in Test Organization.

Then, you must fill in the information in the gemspec file in the root of the repository. The name of the file should match spec.name within the file and the name of the main file in lib. Using the US Core example from above, this file would be named us_core_test_kit.gempsec and spec.name would be 'us_core_test_kit'. There are recommended naming conventions for gems.

Optional: Once your gemspec file has been updated, you can publish your gem on rubygems, the official ruby gem repository. If you don’t publish your gem on rubygems, users will still be able to install it if it is located in a public git repository. To publish your gem on rubygems, you will first need to make an account on rubygems and then run gem build *.gemspec and gem push *.gem.