Inferno Framework

Everything you need to create, execute and share tests for health IT systems providing HL7® FHIR® standard APIs.

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Simple to Read, Simple to Write

Inferno tests are written in a Ruby DSL, with a focus on readability. Inferno provides tools for easily testing FHIR APIs, including robust support for FHIR Resource validation.

test do
  title 'Server returns requested Patient resource from the Patient read interaction'
  description %(
        Verify that Patient resources can be read from the server.

  input :patient_id
  # Named requests can be used by other tests
  makes_request :patient

  run do
    fhir_read(:patient, patient_id, name: :patient)

    assert == patient_id,
           "Requested resource with id #{patient_id}, received resource with id #{}"

A Web UI, Out of the Box

Inferno ships with a web based user interface suitable for local use or deploying as a shared, central service. Inferno Web UI

Create, Share, Extend

Inferno Test Kits can be easily shared and extended so you can focus on your unique tests.

require 'smart_app_launch_test_kit'

module MyTestKit
  class MyTestSuite < Inferno::TestSuite
    group from: :smart_discovery

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